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foam products for gap filling

Fill gaps & back joints professionally with industry standard foams

Used extensively in the construction trade, foams & fillers come in all shapes and sizes but all have a common goal, to be used as a backer or filler to fill some sort of gap. We stock some specialist foams to compliment our mastic joint sealant products as backing material (also widely known as backing cork or backer caulk).  manufactured by the biggest and most trusted global sealant names, including 3C Sealants, Adshead Ratcliffe (ARBO), Celltex, Everbuild, Geocel, illbruck, Mapei, Nullifire, OTTO-Chemie, Repaircare and Timbabuild.

What's The Difference?

Foam materials explained...

  1. Polyurethane Foam

    Packaged in compressed spray cans with valves and extruded by release nozzle or specialist foam guns, polyurethane within the context of ‘foam’ is used extensively throughout the entire building and construction industry as a gap filler. Known for it’s unique expanding properties, polyurethane spray foam is created by the reaction of mixing two materials, namely isocyanate and polyol resin, these chemicals, when mixed with each other can expand up to 60 times their combined liquid volume, after the finished mix is sprayed out of the canister. The expansion of polyurethane makes it an excellent material to shape and form to fit the surroundings when in situ and  creates thermal insulation with very little air flow infiltration.


  2. Polyethylene Foams

    An easy and effective way to save time, and money by using less of the expensive materials, is to use a polyethylene foam for backing out gaps and joints prior to applying mastic joint sealants. Polyethylene is the most commonly used plastic in the world with it’s primary use in packaging such as plastic bags, films and containers including bottles. Many kinds of polyethylene are known, with most having the chemical formula (C2H4)n.  Polyethylene is usually a mixture of similar polymers of ethylene with various values of n. Polyethylene is a thermoplastic, however, it can become a thermoset plastic when modified, such as cross-linked polyethylene, which, in the context of polyethylene foams are relevant to some of the filler foams we stock.  Low density expansion and movement joint foam fillers, which we stock in convenient ‘fire hose’ type coils, circular rod coils or packs of ‘caulking strip with various dimensions, (perforated to tear off), are ideal for use in brickwork and blockwork due to their low compressive strengths. Also ideal for expansion and isolation joints in concrete slab construction. Low density foams are therefore specified in the construction of hardstandings, factories and warehouses, community and commercial buildings, airports and military bases.


The best way to determine product choice is by deciding on what it's used for

Foams By Type Or Application

  1. Backing Foam (Caulking)

    Known by many names and nicknames, such as cork, corking, backer foam, backer rod, backing foam, backer foam or foam strip, they are all basically the same thing, a packing filler that’s pushed into joints to allow a mastic joint sealant or similar to be applied up to, saving time and money on unnecessary materials. The square (or rectangular) backing foam is conveniently perforated to the relevant dimensions for ease of use, where as the round sectional (or rod) comes on reels which are cut to length and form a curved backing joint. These foam strips are then simply inserted and firmly pushed into various depth joints and are very effective for backing out irregular cracks and joints and when a wet sealant is applied and cured, it creates a lasting and solid joint seal.


  2. Compriband Foam

    The original and still the most popular of the impregnated foams is a trademark protected product called Compriband© foam, manufactured by Tremco illbruck and used worldwide by a multitude of trades, especially in fenestration (or glazing) for many decades. With a massive 15 year guarantee, this foam tape is unique in that it will continually expand and contract to accommodate movement whilst still sealing the joints, in some cases providing a finished weather seal in external frame joints.


  3. Expanding Foams

    Used for many years in various different trades, for installation, repairs and maintenance, expanding foams are an effective and time-saving means of gap-filling and bonding. Usually polyurethane in nature, expanding foam generally comes in 2 x styles of application, one is a simple, twist-on, straw-like, nozzle, which is usually not re-useable and should be used within a set amount of time the other type is a gun-type expanding foam, which fits neatly into a purpose-built expanding foam gun, the gun applied expanding foams can be re-used and the guns cleaned after use. Both types usually have a Fire-Rated foam version also.


  1. Fire Rated Expanding Foams

    As per the standard expanding foams, fire rated expanding foams have been used for many years in various different trades, for installation, repairs and maintenance in fire rated applications. Fire rated expanding foams are an effective and time-saving means of gap-filling and bonding in applications where a fire rating is required. Usually polyurethane in nature, fire rated expanding foam generally comes in 2 x styles of application, one is a simple, twist-on, straw-like, nozzle type, which is hand held and usually not re-useable, so should be used within a set amount of time. The other type is a gun-type fire rated expanding foam, which fits neatly into a purpose-built expanding foam gun, the gun applied fire rated expanding foams can be re-used and the guns cleaned after use.


  2. Glazing Foams

    Industry-standard, glazing weatherseal tapes are usually pressure-sensitive adhesive compression foams made from medium density PVC foam. Glazing foam tapes are used for air-filling, gap-filling and weatherproofing, both pre-fabricated glazing units and also ‘in-situ’d doors and windows glazing. Normally part of a glazing system or as a make and break seal, glazing foams have many uses including; use as a weather seal, dust seal, or in the structure of glazing for internal doors and screens. Glazing foam tapes are also suitable for the draught sealing of opening lights, ventilators and doors.


  3. Pre-Compressed Foams

    High quality, pre-compressed foam jointing tapes are supplied on an easy to apply roll, is obviously pre-compressed and impregnated (with 1 x self-adhesive side) in controlled, factory conditions, with a peelable backing strip and activates when exposed to air, by stretching slowly inside the joint to its final thickness, forming a rain resistant joint which has high efficiency for weathersealing and good UV-resistance and flame resistance. Other benefits of pre-compressed foam jointing tape are; protection against heat loss, moisture, dust, dirt and to form an acoustic noise barrier.


A Comprehensive List Of Our Foams By Manufacturer

ARBO products from Adshead Ratcliffe have been respected throughout the building, glazing & construction industries by architects and contractors alike for many years, with specialist sealant & adhesive products available for marine, automotive and industrial sectors. Although we only carry a select few products in stock here, we can order any others  with a fast turnaround.

*  Products are ordered in upon orders being received and will take approx. 2-3 x days

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Celltex Ltd. Foams

Celltex specialise in high quality, moveable joint filling products, most of which have been simple from their conception many years ago and not changed much since. Providing closed cell polyethylene foam caulking for the glazing and mastic joint sealant trade makes up a considerable bulk of Celltex’s range with a multitude of dimensions and shapes available. We stock many of these backing filler options as below.

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3C Sealants is a brand dedicated to high quality, experience-backed mastic sealants, adhesives, foams, fillers & more from us ‘County Construction Chemicals’ (hence the name, 3C get it? :-)) High quality filler products, using the very best materials @ great trade prices.

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Sika Everbuild Products Available

After a phenomenal rise in the sealant manufacturer ranks, Everbuild Building Products Ltd were acquired by Sika AG and as part of this worldwide group, as a partnership, offer a select range of foams & fillers that are used widely throughout the construction industry. (see also SIKA)

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Nullifire have been, for many years, world leaders in the development of intumescent coatings, and passive fire protection solutions. Now under the renowned and trusted banner of Tremco illbruck, we now have a selection of fully certified, Nullifire branded passive fire protection foams.

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Tremco illbruck was created from the merger of Tremco’s European Sealant / Weatherproofing Division with illbruck Sealant Systems in September 2005. We stock a selection of their industry standard polyurethane foams and foam tapes.

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Colours vary in each product range

A selection of our most popular foams available

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