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As well as top tips & answers to frequently asked questions, this help & advice blog posts section also features product-focussed information from various, trusted sources, drawing on our own experience and/or using customer feedback, then displayed in an easy-to-follow, categorised, reference fashion for anyone and everyone to read that might find it useful for their own job! As with any blog copy on the internet, there’s information within these posts which some might disagree or have a different opinion on, of course, everybody is entitled to question advice or information should they wish to, and indeed, if anyone has any input, feedback or conflicting views/opinions/info. for these posts, we’d greatly appreciate you getting in touch. Furthermore, if you any have help & advice blog posts, case studies, news or relevant guidance and would be willing to share it on this page with a link to your personal or company details of your choosing, we’d be more than happy to consider your proposal, please contact us directly here.  If you’re a specialist mastic sealant applicator and you’re interested in interacting with other like-minded professionals in the trade, why not join our facebook group ‘Sealants Social’

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