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Over many years of selling mastic joint sealants and waterproofing products, natural stone has fast became a household favourite for  everyday, household substrates such as kitchen worktops, breakfast bars, sanitary ware etc. We came to realise several years ago there was a need in the UK marketplace to provide a solid range of products for this niche business, to care and repair for stone. As well as liquid coatings that protect and seal, we have a range of non-staining, natural stone silicone sealants in an extensive range of colours. All of our stone care & repair products are manufactured to very high standards by the best names in the business such as Adshead Ratcliffe (ARBO) Akemi, Bonda Glass Voss, Everbuild, Geofix, Liquid Jacket, Mapei, Otto Chemie, Resiblock, Safeguard Chemicals, Thompson’s, Tremco illbruck.

What's The Difference?

Stone Care & Repair Materials Explained...

  1. Urethane Pre Polymer Resin

    Used extensively in waterproofing and flooring protection, urethane-based resins are normally associated with the glazed or wet look finish, giving the surface sealed an enclosed, encased type of coating. Highly efficient for sealing many types of surface, and effective for dust proofing, waterproofing, abrasion resistance and general protection, urethane polymer resins are quite hazardous by nature and usually have very strong odours associated with them, which is not ideal for all situations.


  2. Solvent-Free Sealers

    With health and safety more prevalent than ever, the idea of using pungent smelling, hazardous, sticky resin sealers is often not even an option. As an alternative to these standard resin sealer coatings, we have a selection of solvent-free, non-hazardous sealing products in ready-to-use tubs that can be brushed or rollered on to paths, patios and driveways. Our solvent free sealers are breathable and trap moisture under the surface (a consistent problem with harsh solvent products). Coats are applied as per the individuals preference for a finish.


  3. Non-Staining Silicone

    Due to the reaction with the cure systems in many mastic sealants causing staining, sealing joints in natural stone and other porous & non-porous natural materials can be problematic! The spread of oils and plasticisers used in many common low mod & high mod sealants cause migratory staining (or ‘leeching’ as its sometimes known,) into and onto the stone surface and edges not only looks very unsightly but also cases harm to the stone itself! This issue is often over-looked by DIY people when they seal their own natural stone joints, but it’s also more common than you’d expect from trade professionals too, due too lack of knowledge or sometimes lack of care 🙁 We have a huge range of only the highest quality non-staining mastic sealants that guarantee not to bleed into the natural stone or cause unslightly migratory staining that standard silicone sealants usually cause!


The best way to determine product choice is by deciding on what it's used for

Stone Care & Repair By Application

  1. Block Paving Sealers

    Due to it’s durability, versatility and excellent water permeating qualities, block paving has long been the choice for paths, driveways, walkways and standing areas in residential, commercial and even industrial situations. Sealing the block paving is always a good idea for a number of reasons including enhancing the appearance of the stones. There’s a few different types of block paving sealers available and we carry a good amount of stock of all these materials.


  2. Coatings & Specialist Paints

    To coat a surface, either walls, ceilings or floors, a regular paint will often not quite cut the mustard and thus a specialist coating or specialist paint is required.


  3. Patio Paving Sealer Products

    Usually associated with back gardens living areas, patio paving has become the norm for a huge percentage of homeowners. With attractive natural stones such as Indian Sandstone, Flagstone, Limestone, Granite and Basalt making up most of the list. Sealing patio paving is a great idea for protection, longevity, maintenance and general aesthetics. The materials used for patio pave stones range from resin coatings which can darken or enhance the look and/or give shiny finishes on the paving, to solvent free products that are more gentle in appearance and work by soaking into the stone whilst allowing it to breathe still.


  4. Stone Cleaners

    Usually associated with internal sealing of such applications as sanitary ware in bathrooms, shower rooms & wet rooms etc. as well as, countertops, sinks & units etc. in kitchens and other food areas, high modulus products are less able to accommodate movement compared to low modulus sealants, but will make a stiffer and more rigid final seal. The high modulus products tend to withstand repeated cleaning more efficiently than the softer more flexible low modulus ones. High modulus (or HM as it’s known)


  1. Sealants For Natural Stone

    Sealing joints in natural stone externally such as marble, granite, limestone, sandstone and other porous & non-porous natural stone can be problematic due to the reaction with the cure systems in many mastic sealants. The spread of oils, causing migratory staining or ‘leeching’ as its sometimes known, into and onto the stone surface and edges not only looks very unsightly but also cases harm to the stone itself! This issue is often over-looked by DIY people when they seal their own natural stone joints, but it’s also more common than you’d expect from trade professionals too, due too lack of knowledge or sometimes lack of care 🙁 We have a huge range of only the highest quality natural stone mastic sealants that guarantee not to bleed into the natural stone or cause unslightly migratory staining that standard silicone sealants usually cause!


  2. Stone Repairs

    As fantastic as stone is for internal and external walling, edges and flooring, it’s always a vulnerable surface which is prone to chipping, flaking or breaking. For convenience for a multitude of different trades and DIY’ers alike, we stock a selection of products, including ready mix products and easy-to-use kits that are suited to stone repairs such as these, manufactured by big names in the construction industry.


  3. Surface Preparations

    To prepare surfaces for various decoration such as finishes, coatings, paints, cladding or other specialist covering products, surface preparation is required. Our range of surface coating products range from damp proofing membranes to bonding materials which seal surfaces and improve adhesion for the next stage products etc.


  4. Tile Adhesives & Grout

    For commercial and residential tiling jobs, normally the procedure consists of a 2-stage process of adhesion to the substrate and then sealing between the joints of the tiles with a grout. We stock a small selection of tile adhesives and tile grout products in standard colours and also some unusual coloured grouts and paint-on grout revivers.


A Comprehensive List Of Our Stone Care & Repair By Manufacturer

ARBO products from Adshead Ratcliffe have been respected throughout the building, glazing & construction industries by architects and contractors alike for many years, with specialist sealant & adhesive products available for marine, automotive and industrial sectors. Although we only carry a select few products in stock here, we can order any others  with a fast turnaround.

*  Products are ordered in upon orders being received and will take approx. 2-3 x days

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Akemi Stone Cleaning

Akemi are renowned in Germany for their premium quality selection of stone care cleaner & primer products.

Faithful to the company principle “Shaping the future innovatively, but building on tradition!” intensive research, continual product development and constant quality controls assure the innovation and quality leadership of AKEMI products. Quality, innovation and particularly customer orientation are the basis of the company policy of AKEMI. They offer customers individual solutions for every problem and the right product for every task!

*  Products are ordered in upon orders being received and will take approx. 2-3 x days

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In the early 1960s Bondaglass was a leading brand of polyester fillers for vehicle repair and polyester resins for laminating with glass fibre. In those days the polyester filler was supplied as three products, a filler powder and resin to mix together to form a paste “the good old days.” Bondaglass also introduced Bonda Rust Primer, an anti-corrosion primer. This became a leading anti-rust product and is still highly respected by the car restorer. Of its type it is among the best on the market. Other products were glass fibre for use in repairing cars, boats and many other articles around the home. In 1973 Bondaglass joined with Vosschemie, a manufacture of similar quality products in Germany and throughout Europe. Bondaglass -Voss was founded. Vosschemie expertise allowed Bondaglass to make further progress with polyester filler quality and introduce a more extensive range particularly for the car body repair industry.

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Geo Fix Stone logo

Distributed in the UK by Everbuild, Geo-Fix products have been around for many years, in our selection of stone care products, sits a well trusted and highly efficient stone protector and sealer.

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Tremco illbruck was created from the merger of Tremco’s European Sealant / Weatherproofing Division with illbruck Sealant Systems in September 2005. We stock a large selection of their coloured silicone sealants for natural stone.

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Liquid Jacket Waterproofing

As well as having a solid 45 years of experience in the mastic joint sealant business, County Construction Chemicals Ltd. have also been heavily involved in the evolution of waterproofing products in the UK, so last year we decided, with this long-standing reputation for providing high quality, tried and tested materials, along with our great reputation, experience and vast knowledge of the waterproofing industry, that it was about time we had our own brand, hence we introduced Liquid Jacket Waterproofing Products, a simplified approach to waterproofing, damp proofing and sealing both internally & externally.

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Founded in 1937 in Milan, Mapei today is the world’s largest producer of adhesives and chemicals for the construction industry. We stock all colours of their industry-standard, high quality, internal grout for commercial and industrial use.

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Otto Chemie Logo 2021

Over the course of 130 years, Hermann OTTO GmbH, an innovative, medium-sized company for applied construction chemicals, has advanced to become a specialist for sealants, adhesives and also manufactures some specialist stone care products. We are the premier distributor of Otto Chemie sealants in the UK and carry a vast selection off their product range.

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Resiblock paving sealers

For sealing driveways, paths and patios, the name Resiblock has become folklore amongst professional contractors and DIY’ers alike since 1993. Resiblock Limited, the block paving sealer experts, has sold block paving sealers to seal, stabilise and protect all paving types. Whether it be for industry, commerce or the home, Resiblock solutions give accelerated joint stabilisation without sand erosion or ongoing maintenance..

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Since 1983, Safeguard Europe, (a family run business) have specialised in providing damp-proofing and waterproofing solutions for the construction industry. Safeguard produce products for the refurbishment of existing buildings and has progressed to become a market leader in the specialist fields of damp proofing and storm proofing / storm prevention with a range of trusted, solid, professional quality products such as Dry Zone and Storm Dry. We keep a solid range of stone care products from Safeguard in stock for collection or delivery.

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Thompsons waterproofing

Recognised the world over, Thompson’s Waterproofing products are tried, tested & trusted by many. In the early 1920’s, polymer chemist Edward Addis Thompson developed a formula that protected buildings from exterior water damage. His discovery became known as Thompson’s®WaterSeal® Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer and initially was used by architectural and construction firms for concrete applications. After recognizing the fast-growing deck-building trend, The Thompson’s Company expanded distribution of Thompson’s® WaterSeal® Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer to consumers in 1982.

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Colours vary in each product range

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