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Specialist, relevant applicator guns, hand tools & accessories

For professional trades people, the world of hand tools is quite simple, you get what you pay for! The fact is, there’s always ‘cheap & cheerful’ tools available, and for certain people for certain work, that’s enough, but if you rely on your hand tools all day, everyday, such as a mastic sealant gun or cutting accessories, then high quality is a minor investment and your equipment will inevitably be more reliable. We stock all types of mastic sealant guns (also known as caulking guns) from the high-end cordless battery guns to budget skeleton guns and relevant accessories etc. as well as other useful tools and gadgets etc. manufactured by the biggest and most trusted global sealant names, including 3C Sealants, Adshead Ratcliffe (ARBO), Bohle, Chemfix, Cramer, Everbuild, Fosroc, Geocel, Fischbach illbruck, Makita, Mapei, Metabo, OTTO-Chemie, PC Cox & MK (both now merged under the banner of Sulzer) Silverline, Timbabuild & Unger

What's The Difference?

Guns, Tools & More Explained...

  1. Sausage Guns

    To anyone outside the adhesive or mastic sealant trades, this will sound very comical, but the use of aluminium foil sausages for the packaging of silicones, polyurethanes, modified or hybrid polymers has become a staple option or at least a serious consideration for many professional tradespeople. The main difference between these guns and traditional mastic sealant caulking guns is that the barrel is enclosed to house the material, as it’s pushed further down towards the nozzle, effectively being ‘squashed’ to a very small wastage footprint and plunger that’s fixed to the rod differs slightly to accommodate the ‘soft’ crimped end of the foil sausage compared to the hard plastic plunger used in cartridges. Sausage guns generally have the same handle, trigger and spring mechanism as their skeleton-framed counterparts, but then have various, actual barrels made from ballistic plastic (either see-through or solid colour) and also metal.


  2. High Pressure / High Force Guns

    For mastic sealants or adhesives such as hybrid polymers, putty sealants, resins, cement-based fire sealants etc. a standard, metal or plastic skeleton gun often, doesn’t cut the mustard. That’s where a high pressured applicator gun comes into effect! The build structure of these type of higher powered guns, are such that they give more thrust when the trigger is squeezed, creating more force on the plunger and corresponding rod to extrude the more solid material from a cartridge.


  3. Mastic Sealant Tooling

    Most people recognise a finished mastic sealant in a joint around frames, floors, between brickwork, splashbacks or worktops etc. But to many, the understanding off how that line of coloured rubber came to look so straight, neat and tidy is a mystery! Obviously there is a certain amount of skill involved in applying any type of material which has to cure, as, it’s of a low viscosity, it starts out as a runny consistency and when applied to a surface, then gives the user a limited time to mould and ‘finish’ the shape as required. Specialist tooling products are available for the job of mastic sealant tooling and come in many different shapes and sizes for creating different shapes and finishes. The products are always made from special materials that allow the gear to be moved freely without sticking to the implement.


The best way to determine product choice is by deciding on what it's used for

Guns, Tools & More By Application

  1. Brushes

    Various brushes for use in construction, such as priming joints prior to mastic sealant application, the stabilization of wood prior to applying resin to repairs, slurry coat application, applying floor paints, corrosion protective coats and more.


  2. Electric/Battery Powered Guns For Mastic Sealants

    Various brushes for use in construction, such as priming joints prior to mastic sealant application, the stabilization of wood prior to applying resin to repairs, slurry coat application, applying floor paints, corrosion protective coats and more.


  3. Electrical Hand Tools

    Often in residential, commercial or industrial construction and/or maintenance, specialist hand tools for various tasks such as timber cutting, routing and sanding, cutting out of existing mastic joint sealants and other jobs,  a high repetition, high speed, electrical hand tool is required.


  4. Mastic Sealant Removal

    Cutting out existing mastic joint sealants is quite frankly a chore to most contractors, a messy, time-consuming task which often requires a fair bit of force and effort, and so, any tools or accessories that help to ease the workload is worthwhile. We stock a selection of mastic joint sealant removal tools & accessories, used by DIYers and professional tradesmen alike, with the recent addition of newer technology pastes and solvents. There’s specialist gadgets designed for safe and effective reducing and clearing of old joint seals and sealing compounds, both internally and externally as well as for the removal of mastic sealant joints in floors, frames and around baths and sinks etc.


  5. Equipment For Mastic Sealant Guns

    If you invest in a high-priced, high quality mastic sealant caulking gun, then you’ll have a desire to keep it in good nick! You can get various spares, replacements or specialist add-ons to your mastic sealant caulking gun, these gadgets can assist you greatly in your mastic joint sealant work. There’s a large selection of nozzles, adaptors, tools and accessories to choose from.


  1. Miscellaneous Tools & Accessories

    A varied selection of gadgets, specialist tools and accessories relevant to the construction industry, for a vast array of tasks. Our hand-picked range of tools and accessories are sourced from the best known and most trusted manufacturers in the industry.


  2. Mixing Paddles & Stirrers

    Specially made stirring and paddle attachments for standard electric hand tools for the mixing and blending of 2-part mastic joint sealants.


  3. Nozzles & Adaptors

    To compliment our mastic caulking sealant range for applying mastic sealant from cartridges, foil sausages and bulk filled guns.For spare nozzles and/or situations where mastic sealant nozzles need to be adapted, a selection of standard and specialist nozzles is available. All of our mastic sealant nozzles and adaptors are made to a very high standard by the most trusted names in the industry to be compatible with the most popular used mastic sealant products.


  4. Mastic Sealant Frame Guns

    As with all tools, there’s varying degrees of quality, some tradespeople require more heavy duty application guns for a number of reasons, whilst lighter users of mastic sealants or caulk or happy to use the more standard quality versions of frame guns for occasional use. Then there’s the variables of the application! eg. for gunning out 100’s of meters of expansion joints in brickwork or around windows all day, most professional prefer a professional gun (known affectionately as pro guns) but for around tighter areas where it’s necessary to manoeuvre around sinks with taps etc. then most professional prefer the smaller, lighter, standard skeleton guns. To cater for all situations and preferences, we keep large stocks of a selection of the most popular mastic sealant caulking guns  for use with all 290ml, 300ml, 310ml, C3, 380ml, 400ml, C4 mastic sealant and caulking cartridges and most have serviceable parts for continued use.


  5. Safety Wear & Equipment PPE

    To satisfy regulation and provide protection to your person whilst working within the construction industry, safety equipment is a requirement that has increased drastically over the last decade. We stock relevant safety wear and equipment for the specialist trades that we supply.


A Comprehensive List Of Our Guns, Tools & More By Manufacturer

3C Sealants is a brand dedicated to high quality, experience-backed products from us‘County Construction Chemicals’ (hence the name, 3C get it? :-)) A hand-picked selection of high quality tools & accessories, using the very best materials @ great trade prices.

Visit manufacturers website – click here:

Tajima Tools

Japanese tool company Tajima manufacture premium grade hand tools to an exceptionally high standard. The Tajima caulking mastic sealant gun range is fast-becoming the choice of the UK construction professional and DIY home users for their reliability and heavy duty, robust build quality. We stock a small selection of Tajima caulking guns that are built to last and we believe are an investment for any toolbox.

Visit manufacturers website – click here: 

Chemfix is a company that specialises in the development and manufacture of Chemical Anchoring, repair solutions and anchoring products for the industrial, construction, and DIY sectors. Chemfix manufactures for many global brands and household names.

Visit manufacturers website – click here: 

imager tools safety scraper

Unger was founded more than 50 years ago in Germany when Henry Unger, a professional window cleaner, started designing cleaning products for professional use. With the unwavering support of his wife Barbara, Henry Unger launched his new business in Hamburg, Germany. Unger is now an international company and a market leader in the professional cleaning industry.

Visit manufacturers website – click here: 


Through decades of exchanging ideas and experiences with sealant producers and filling operations, Fischbach has developed plastic cartridge systems whose components are perfectly matched to customer requirements. Cartridges, plungers systems and nozzles are engineered to fit together perfectly for air-free filling, and for emptying the cartridge dispensing without leaving any minimal leakage and residue on the cartridge walls.

Visit manufacturers website – click here: 

While sealants & tools account for only a small proportion of the cost of a building project, their performance is vital to the integrity of any structure. You can trust Fosroc’s expert knowledge of joint design and expertise in sealant technology to help you choose the right sealant for your specific application.

Visit manufacturers website – click here: 

ARBO products from Adshead Ratcliffe have been respected throughout the building, glazing & construction industries by architects and contractors alike for many years, with specialist sealant & adhesive products available for marine, automotive and industrial sectors. Although we only carry a select few products in stock here, we can order any others with a fast turnaround.

*  Products are ordered in upon orders being received and will take approx. 2-3 x days

Visit manufacturers website – click here:

Bohle Tools & AccessoriesThe Bohle Group is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and wholesalers of tools, machinery and accessories for glass processing and glass finishing. Divided into the product divisions Handling, Glass Cutting, Glass Bonding, Glazing, Tools, Machinery, Fittings and Surface Protection, the total product range is precisely tailored to the respective customer groups from trade, industry and retail. We stock and sell large quantities of a select few, relevant, key tools & accessory products from Bohle.

Visit manufacturers website – click here: 

original cramer logoCramer GmbH is a privately held, family owned company. Since 1972 Cramer have dealt with the production of repair and care products for kitchens and bathrooms. What began with a repair kit for ceramic and enamel surfaces evolved into a highly specialized range of modern maintenance and repair products that are trusted by tradesmen & DIY enthusiasts across the world. We sell a couple of Cramer’s best-selling products including the world famous and constantly copied Fugi Kits, used by countless tradespeople for many years.

Visit manufacturers website – click here: 

makita power tools

Makita Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of power tools. Founded on March 21, 1915, it is based in Anjō, Japan, and operates factories in Brazil, China, Japan, Mexico, Romania, the United Kingdom, Germany, Dubai, Thailand and the United States. We’ve recently taken on a selection of the fantastic electric cordless mastic sealant caulking guns.

Visit manufacturers website – click here: 

Metabo Electrical Hand Tools OnlineIn 1923, Albrecht Schnizler constructed the first hand-held drill. The name Metabo is derived from this metal drill. Today, the company with tradition employs almost 2,000 persons, 1,200 of which in Nürtingen, Germany. 25 subsidiaries and more than 100 agencies ensure that Metabo’s premium solutions can be found in almost all countries.

Apart from mains-powered and compressed air solutions, we continuously focus on the vision of a cordless construction site and are leaders in the battery pack technology in order to offer more freedom with the highest possible power to professionals. Metabo holds more than 700 patents and property rights. The Swabian supplier of robust, powerful and ergonomic professional solutions develops and produces for users in construction and renovation and metal trade and industry. We’ve recently taken on a selection of the fantastic electric cordless mastic sealant caulking guns.

Visit manufacturers website – click here: 

PC Cox SulzerThere goto name for decades for mastic sealant caulking guns, PC Cox has recently been acquired by packaging specialists,  Sulzer and also sister-companied with specialist gun company MK. The PC Cox brand is extremely well-known and thoroughly trusted in the construction trade and in particular, the mastic joint sealing trade.

Visit manufacturers website – click here: 

silverline safety equipment

Known for offering amazing prices for their ever-growing huge range of tools & equipment, Silverline Tools is now one of the largest, best value for money tool manufacturers across Europe and North America. The Silverline range offers award winning safety wear and equipment.

Visit manufacturers website – click here: 

Repaircare International

If you work with wood, then chances are you’ve heard of Repair Care, the longest-standing total solution for sustainable timber restoration and maintenance. Not only do they have a wide range of quality products for joinery repair for the professional market, they also offer training on how to use them to refurbish decayed and damaged timber at our purpose-built, training facility at County Construction Chemicals in Chingford E4. In addition, Repair Care provide comprehensive project management, advice and consultation services and are a trusted partner of many housing associations and local authorities.

We stock a large range of tools & accessories to accompany the Repair Care Timber Care range.

Visit manufacturers website – click here: 

Sulzer MK Guns online

Largely considered the creme-de-la-creme of mastic sealant caulking guns, MK (historically a Danish company called Kroger MK) has now been acquired by packaging giants Sulzer and the range continues to grow. Manufactured from high grade ballistic plastics, stainless steel and other sturdy materials, these mastic sealant caulking guns are built to last unlike the generic, flimsy guns that are frequently used across all trades in the construction industry. Invest in the best and they’ll last you a lifetime!

Visit manufacturers website – click here: 

Timbabuild Wood Fillers

Another own label system from chemical giants Chemfix, Timbabuild is a comprehensive range of wood filler products designed to enable high quality, durable and cost-effective timber repairs to be carried out, with the minimum of effort and maximum efficiency. The Timbabuild wood repair resin is a 2 part cartridge delivery system which is designed for ease of use, strength and flexibility in professional & DIY projects. The Timbabuild filler system is a high performance alternative to replacement in areas of rotten & damaged timber. The Timbabuild repair system is designed to be easy to use, fast and provide a long lasting strong finish.

Visit manufacturers website – click here: 

Tremco illbruck was created from the merger of Tremco’s European Sealant / Weatherproofing Division with illbruck Sealant Systems in September 2005. As well as stocking a large selection of their mastic sealants & adhesives, we also have some relevant illbruck tools & accessories.

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Colours vary in each product range

A selection of our most popular guns, tools & more available

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