Mastic Sealants Quick Guide

We’re frequently told that we have too much choice on our website and could help the selection with a mastics sealant quick guide to help with product type selection. Here we breakdown the differences in the actual materials used for the most common mastic joint sealants in handy blog form. Whilst there’s not always a […]

Best Mastic Sealant Guns

As with any trade, the old adage, ‘tools maketh the man’ rings true for mastic sealant application. Pinning down the best mastic sealant guns is difficult with such a bewildering range of extrusion tools available, so we decided to take a look into the subject in detail. Although the basics remain a constant, most hand tools […]

Low Mod Silicone

Used extensively the world over for several decades, low modulus silicone sealants (often known as low mod silicone or LM silicone), is a mainstay for many different trades in the construction industry for both installation and remedial works. As a result of low mod silicone’s reliability and popularity, there is now a wide variety of […]

3C Multi-Use

What do you look for in a product? value, practicality, usability, longevity? … What if you could get all 4!… Let’s take a closer look at 3C Multi-Use Sealant & Adhesive. In the densely saturated sealing & bonding market, rarely does a product comes along that makes a difference to the way a tradesperson thinks […]

Silicone v Hybrid Polymer

“What mastic sealant material should we use, what’s the best, silicone v hybrid polymer?” As a supplier, we’re asked this on a daily basis and the truth is, it’s a subjective question, it’s literally become a straight up choice of one or the other these days. As with any specialist trade, manufacturers at every level […]

Matching Sealant Colours

We have a long relationship with matching sealant colours for our customers at County Construction Chemicals Ltd. Although the main staple colours of white, clear, black & grey mastic sealant remain, to this day, a constant feature in design and finishing for both internal and external connection joints, over the past 20 odd years, our […]

3C Paintable Sealant

What is 3C Paintable Sealant? Placed in the market as a painters caulk for ease of reference, 3C Paintable Premium Sealant is a 1-part, overpaintable, acrylate-based mastic sealant with a superior flexibility of 18% which can be used on most types of surfaces and substrates for a multitude of filling and sealing tasks.  Especially efficient inside, it can […]

3C Sealants

In 2018, we launched our very first product, 3C Sealants Premium ‘Intumescent Acoustic Sealant’ and 3C Sealants was born! After many years of supplying market-leading, trusted products from the biggest names in the mastic sealant industry, we figured we were fairly qualified to make our own high quality product range and so went about sourcing […]

Sticking Mirrors On Walls

Sticking mirrors on walls with adhesive products has become very popular in professional new-build construction and also home user refurbishment or decoration techniques alike, with interior design trends and the material of surface substrates changing over the years to accommodate more flush lines and minimalism. Traditionally, mirrors were always fixed to walls using pre-drilled holes and […]

Sika FastFix

Have you heard about Sika FastFix All weather Compound yet? I’m sure many of us will agree, after many years of repeatedly weeding, cleaning out and refilling the joints in our paving, that a unique and technologically advanced formula compound that’s used friendly and highly effective is very welcome! Enter FastFix All Weather from Sika Everbuild, […]

Leyton Orient FC

LEYTON ORIENT FC SPONSORS County Construction Chemicals Ltd. (incorporating our E-Shop Sealants Online) as a company, sponsor local League 2 football team Leyton Orient FC. and were asked to write an introductory feature of ourselves as a blog post to be informative to both the fans and other partners involved in the club specifically for […]

3C Max-Bond

If you’re looking for maximum bond strength then look no further than Max-Bond Adhesive from 3C Sealants. Let’s face it, we’ve heard it all before!… ‘This adhesive sticks like ****!’ and,,, ‘This adhesive product can resist a rugby team’s tug ‘o’ war!’ but of course, the marketing hype rarely lives up to the promises and […]

Frequently Asked Questions

After many years in the industry, our staff (particularly the Sales Team) tend to encounter similar general enquiries & queries or frequently asked questions (FAQ’S) on a daily basis. Production line builders merchants – or the ‘sheds’ as they’re known – tend to prioritise sales rather than customer enquiries and technical information. Using our knowledge […]

Sealants Social

We’ve made the often close knit world of Mastic Sealants, a bit more,,, Social, in the form of our specialist Facebook group – Sealants Social! Love it or hate it, you cannot ignore Facebook nowadays and the addition of ‘groups’ has opened up a world of possibilities to keep in touch with your fellow trades people […]

Hodgson Sealants

  Meet the manufacturer Towards the end of 2019, County Construction Chemicals Ltd. partnered with trusted British manufacturer ‘Hodgson Sealants’ (based in East Yorkshire) with a vision of stocking a select, key line of specialist, professional sealants & adhesives already well established in the industry. This arrangement has progressed very well since, with the introduction […]

Backing Out Joints

Backing out joints is a preparatory step in the process of mastic sealant joint sealing prior to application. As it’s not always an essential choice, joint backing is ambiguous to many people and is a somewhat misunderstood process. This blog intends to break it down and explain some important points to consider when deciding when […]

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